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One Meeting Competition and Single Recreational Licences Now Available Online.

MWA are streamlining processes and making it easier for you to purchase One Meeting Competition and Single Recreational Licenses directly through the MWA website via our online portal “Register Now”.  The new process has the rider paying direct to MWA.

One Meeting Licences can be issued for Recreation, Club, Interclub, and Open events from the portal.

The link to the One Meeting and Single Recreational licences will be a permanent fixture on our website and can be accessed 24/7 using any device with internet access.  Riders can even apply for a licence while waiting to sign on the day of competition just by using their phone!

 To take advantage of this exciting new feature just logon to  and click the header titled “Riders” and follow the appropriate Licence link.

Barbagallo Raceway has recently been inspected and is still  considered unsuitable to be used for motorcycle related events until further notice.


2017 One Event Competition licence introduction

February 10 2017

In conjunction with all State Controlling Bodies (SBCs), Motorcycling Australia (MA) have restructured certain licencing groups, brought about by the changing trend in the type of competition members are participating in. MA & SCBs appreciate the valued feedback members have provided in relation to licencing.

One event competition licences have been the focus of the review, specifically the One Meeting Competition licence (7 & Over) and Senior One Meeting National Competition licence (16 & Over). The aim of the review has been to streamline the licencing structure and in turn reduce the overall cost.

The volume of riders purchasing ‘One Meeting Competition’ and ‘Senior One Meeting National’ licences means by combining the structure and values of both licences MA have eliminated the need for two different one event licences.

The decision to combine the two licences and formulate a new, all encompassing ‘One Event Competition’ licence that provides the benefits of both licences was made by the respective boards and is now offered to members at the set rate of $75.00.

The newly revised ‘One Event Competition’ licence, combines all of the eligibilities of the now, amalgamated licences. The ‘One Event Competition’ licence now covers riders for eligibility in; Practice, Coaching, Recreation events, Club and Inter-Club events and National/ Open events. The One Event Competition licence offers a fantastic amount of flexibility for members to better suit their specific competition licencing requirements at a reasonable rate.

Competition licencing information can be found on page 33, chapter 3.1.2 of the 2017 Manual of Motorsport (MoMS) For further information on licencing and guidelines, visit the Motorcycling Australia website 

Sidecars to be taken to scrutineering area where the solo’s are done from now on.