Here is some information if you want to have some fun around Collie Circuit and experience what it like to ride the track on your own road legal or special build bike and see some great historic bikes in action. This event is open to all bikes with certain conditions..

* Cost for the day is $120 plus $30 for a one-day recreational licence (if you do not hold an open race licence).

* Riders must wear: either full race leathers or leather two piece which must zip together

* Full face helmet, leather gloves, boots and back protector.

* Bike must have mirrors removed, all glass (except tacho and temp gauge) fully taped, centre & side stand wired or cable tied to frame.

* Must be an experienced motorcyclist.

* Riders will be grouped according to their ability.

* Bikes should be in good condition, decent tyres and have no oil or fluid leaks!

There will be plenty of help available to get your bike track-ready.

Sign on Saturday morning from 7.30 am at Race Secretary’s office.
Please be aware that your bike is not insured while at the circuit. You are advised to have appropriate insurance against loss of income.