Our dedicated Race Secretary, Terina, has updated the race entry form following requests from members for a series entry. At the top right of the first page on the actual entry form itself (page 9 in the Supp Regs) you will now find a tick box for series entry; there is also provision at the bottom of the page for you to add the tuning day fee to your race entry payment, which means you no longer have to remember to bring cash for Saturday tuning!
Please also note that Terina will be checking licences and club memberships.
CHANGE TO LATE ENTRY FEES RULE 4.2 (from Race Secretary, Terina)
Closing time for possible acceptance of late entries will be Sunday night at 5pm.
If a late entry is accepted, an additional fifty per cent of your entire entry fee will be payable.
NEW RULE 4.2 - Late entries: The HCMC WA may accept late entries up to 48 hours after the closing date and time. If a late entry is accepted, an additional 50% of your entire entry fee will be payable.
The Supp Regs will be amended to reflect this change, which has been agreed by the Committee and which will take effect from Round 1 & the Collie TT.


31/03/2018 HCMC Tuning Day and 1/04/2018 Collie TT & HCMC Club Champs Round 1 

26/05/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
27/05/2018 HCMC Club Championship Round 2 
23/06/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
24/06/2018 HCMC Club Championship Round 3 
21/07/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
22/07/2018 HCMC Club Championship Round 4 
18/08/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
19/08/2018 HCMC Club Championship Round 5 
22/09/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
23 and 24/09/2018 WA State Champ & HCMC Club Round 6

27/10/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
28/10/2018 HCMC Stand Alone Races

2018 Supp Regs/Entry Form


Please fill them in completely and correctly so our new Race Secretary Terina Hickey has a trouble-free first event and tells you all how much she loves you for making things as stress free for her as you can:)

Last 2 pages are the actual entry forms.

Please enter before the closing dates so you don't miss out.