DISPLAY 12th August

HCMC put on a small display on Sunday, in glorious bright sunshine, at the Festival of Motorsport organised by Targa West and the City of Perth. Many thanks to Bob Hull, Suellyn Luckett, Shaz Kent and Pyper Kent for bringing their bikes down to display and also to President Bob and Maureen, and David and Michelle Gapes for helping staff the stall and display.

The fine weather brought out hordes of bikers, so we had a steady stream of interested potential riders and spectators checking out the bikes and our display – and a few members there with other clubs also took time drop by (Thanks Terrina, for organising the relevant MWA permit too!).

We gave out loads of brochures to potential track-day riders; Pyper’s “Junior” bike was particularly popular with all the 12 year old kids (but not so much with their parents). The HCMC had six bikes on display – Bob Hull's Modern 900 Ducati, Suellyn's lovely Period 3 250 Ducati, Pyper's 150 Honda “Junior” along with my three grimy boat anchors, the (P5 UL) Moto Guzzi, the (P5/750) Yellow Yamaha XJ650 and "Kenny" the Orange FZR600 (P6/750).

Sadly we had no sidecars in our display, although there were 3 or 4 Modern sidecars on the far side of the MWA stand, which was actually next to ours, although there was a space big enough for a truck between us. Originally (2 weeks ago) we were told we'd have a 10m x 10m area, but it turned out they’d allocated more like 10m x 40m, so we would have had room for at least another 20 bikes and sidecars.

Although there had been an issue with trailer parking which might have put a few people off of bringing their bikes, the City of Perth did come to the party in the end and allowed us to park cars towing trailers on the reserve (but not vans or utes, unless they had logos, signs or vinyl wraps that were motorsports related). But, all-in-all, it a successful day and well worth the effort. There were some very good displays by other clubs (even though most were car related). The WA speedway club stand featured some beautifully prepared solo machines, and the 1960's TV Batmobile was popular.

President Bob reported he was pretty impressed with the two-stroke remote control dune-buggies and rally cars.

By Steve Corsini




  • No need to register, just turn up on the day.

    - Be at the track about 7 am.

    - Entry fee: 

  • $120 plus $30 for one day licence, ( can be obtained on Ridernet).... if you haven’t got a racing licence.
  • See Ride Day info  for other requirements


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22/09/2018 HCMC Tuning/Ride Day 
23 and 24/09/2018 WA State Champ & HCMC Club Round 6

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In an exciting announcement, the 2019 Australian Historic Road Racing Championship will be staged in Western Australia. Promoted by the Historic Competition Motorcycle Club of WA (HCMC), the meeting will be held at the CollieMotorplex from 27-30 of September 2019. https://m.facebook.com/groups/262764377208933/

Club President Bob Humphreys said; “We’re very proud to run the fourth Australian Historic Road Racing Championship in WA and we have run three before. The upgrades made to the Collie Motorplex will be very suitable for historic bike racing. The local Chamber of Commerce are getting right behind us and it will be one of the best events to occur in Collie for a long time. The committee is really on-board and we can’t wait.

“It will take place during Queen’s Birthday weekend and this will offer a great time for spectators to come and check out the event. We are going to do our best to encourage interstate riders to take part and we have methods in place to assist in transporting bikes for competitors,” concluded Bob.

MWA CEO, Rick Gill said; “It means a lot to MWA to have this event come to our state. It’s a national championship and the ultimate destination for historics. It also gives a chance for our local riders to show off their skills at a major event and go for the title.

“The Collie Motorplex is ideally located and its recently had an extension which will make it one of the most exciting tracks in WA. It’s also worth noting, the HCMC of WA have done an excellent job in the past of running and promoting the championship and I’m sure they will raise the standard once again.

“We really appreciate having a major championship here and I’m sure it will attract many spectators come race weekend,” according to Mr Gill.

For more information about the Historic Competition Motorcycle Club of WA http://historicracing.asn.au/