HCMC Member Ben Barker has been voted onto the Board of the Collie Motorplex as Vice Chairman

Congratulations to our own Ben Barker, who has been voted onto the Board of the Collie Motorplex
as Vice Chairman, and is HCMC’s representative for Motorcycle Road Racing at Collie Motorplex.

The HCMC have been stalwart supporters of the Motoplex since it’s inception to Motorcycle Racing many years ago, and we continue to enjoy a great relationship with Anna Farrell, the complex’s manager and the Board at Collie.

With the opening of the new track extension, and ongoing upgrades. Collie Motorplex will become one of the most important racing
Circuits in Australia.


10/03/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
11/03/2018 HCMC Stand Alone Races 
31/03/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
1/04/2018 Collie TT & HCMC Club Champs Round 1 
26/05/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
27/05/2018 HCMC Club Championship Round 2 
23/06/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
24/06/2018 HCMC Club Championship Round 3 
21/07/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
22/07/2018 HCMC Club Championship Round 4 
18/08/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
19/08/2018 HCMC Club Championship Round 5 
22/09/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
23 and 24/09/2018 WA State Champ & HCMC Club Round 6

27/10/2018 HCMC Tuning Day 
28/10/2018 HCMC Stand Alone Races

New Club Officials

Welcome to the newest club officials for 2018...
Race Secretary
Collie Motorplex Board Liaison
( Vice Chairman)
Membership Secretary and committee member
Committee member
The rest of our officials remain the same as last year. Thank you all for volunteering your time and efforts for our club, and thank you to Annie Tregger for her years as our volunteer Membership Secretary